About Me

  • Placeholder Abhishek Shelar Photographer

    Abhishek is a Professional Wedding Photographer. With post graduate degree in Film making From ZICA (Zee Institute of Creative Arts) Mumbai. During his Film Making Period, He Specialised in Photography and now it has Become his profession. He is been shooting weddings for past 6 years. During this period, he has covered more than 100 weddings All Across India, consisting of Maharashtrain, Marvadi, north Indian, South Indian , Christian. His Signature Style of shoots are awe-inspiring, catching the mood with collage of emotions and unmatched vivid colours. Being Film maker, he frames image with great sense of aesthetic .his image consists of mainly subtle emotions ,powerful compositions and brilliant mix of colors. He loves to shoot people in their environment and being an avid traveler with his camera, makes him part of surrounding easily. He is been Practising Photography From Past 8 Years. During this Period He Has Shoot Some Publicity Stills For Bhojpuri, Rajasthani And Marathi Film Industry. As Well As he Shoot and Direct Few ShortFilms. Currently his equipment included top end Digital SLR Bodies From Canon and range of top of the line lenses. Apart From Film maker and Photographer,He is good Cook as well. His other interest including gadgets/ Electronics, Music, Writing, And Travelling.